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The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Hosted by: Melissa Bottorff-Arey

Life after suicide loss is nothing short of a wasteland of the leftover pieces of your shattered heart, of your former self. Join host Melissa, a mother who lost her 21-year old son Alex to suicide in 2016, as she has...


Greif Dreams; What DO They Mean?

Season #2 Episode #1

This episode is my conversation with Dr. Joshua Black who is arguably the world's leading expert on the topic of GRIEF DREAMS. It was so eye opening for me. We all dream but dreams are so complicated… and no surprise,...
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Acceptance & Change after Suicide Loss; "You used to be ..."

Season #2 Episode #2

"You used to be …much more muchier"  Whether we are saying it to ourselves in the mirror or hearing it from others (either literally or in those 'loud glances' we get from someone), I am certain you too have heard...
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No More "S" Word; A Daughter's Legacy

Season #2 Episode #3

Today, my conversation is with Jamie Fabroa.  She lost her father Wilmer, to suicide 10 years ago but he is still always with her in heart. Jamie now works to bring awareness to help prevent suicide by furthering...
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Tools Part 2; Engaging Your Senses In Grief Healing

Season #2 Episode #4

Today, I am publishing Part 2 of "Tools" … the first one is (way) back in Season 1, Episode 15. It's worth a re-visit even if you listened to it then. Today I talk about MORE TOOLS that I use in my daily (or weekly)...
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Rebecca Jax Holistic Healing; Grief is a Mystical Journey

Season #2 Episode #5

Today I talk with Rebecca of "Rebecca Jax Holistic Healing". She lost her only sibling, her brother Jack, to suicide in 2018 and her life was completely turned inside out and she nearly followed in his shadow. Becci...
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The Sunshine of his Life; My Amazing Son Alex

Season #2 Episode #6

Today, I go "Down the Rabbit Hole" to talk about my amazing son Alex. As we approach five very long, yet somehow also short,  years without him it feels like the perfect time to share more of what we had with him...
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