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~ Putting the Leftover Pieces Back Together ~ 

"This is lonely, but you do not have to be alone".


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What are people saying about the guide and journal... 

5 *s Wonderful and much needed resource "The intuitive, lived-experience compassion in each one of these journal prompts have led me to explore my emotions in a new way. This lovely book is the first one I've found that's written for the parent bereaved by suicide. We are on the outer edge of a universe that most grief guides just don't reach. My deepest thanks to you for writing this." 


Five Stars!! Powerful, enlightening and great prompts for sharing something so hard.


5 Stars. A Helpful Guide This guide is a must-have for those suffering from loss to suicide... this guide helps to recognize the tools that will be helpful in one’s grief journey.


5 out of 5. The Most Thoughtful Guide 

What are people saying about the guide

5.0 out of 5 starsBeautiful, Easily Digestible Guide. "For those who have experienced suicide loss, this is a must read. This beautiful little gem is easily digestible for those who cannot focus on a meaty book. The layout highlights each important point, in order for you to find hope on a difficult day or during this difficult time. As a former book editor, I am impressed with the content, layout, thoughtfulness and energy behind this book. Thank you, Melissa."

What Fellow Grievers are Saying About the Podcast & Support Community

Betty G.

" I lost my 25 year old son to suicide October 8, 2020... I am so sorry you are here, a club none of us wanted to be a part of. Our children were not supposed to go before us. I found Melissa's podcast .. and her Leftover Pieces  "mom support" zoom group. The first 1 I attended was on the anniversary of the last time I spoke to my son. Dreading this day, I knew I needed support. I messaged Melissa and joined the group. I said nothing and just listened. What I witnessed was grieving mothers all sharing their feeling about how suicide loss of their child has impacted their life. The energy in the room was so supportive, I felt like finally I had people who understand all of this. I think it was a few times participating in the group before I really opened up. Now I make this group a top priority in my will be held, you will be seen" 
Mom In Ohio
"My world came crashing down when my youngest died unexpectedly. While faced with finding my way through the most difficult journey of my life, I stumbled across this podcast. I didn’t sign-up to be in the grieving mother club, yet here I am trying to navigate life without my son. Melissa’s podcast and book have been a blessing".
Crystal N
 "I lost my daughter, Wednesday 12/22/21. I didn’t find this podcast until fall of 2022 but I am so grateful I did.Melissa has done an amazing job at collecting resources and organizing them for those who are grieving. She brings guests onto her podcast that can help people in many ways. I listen to most of her episodes twice because they’re easy to listen to and I want retain everything I hear. She also has thorough show notes with links and resources on each episode.I am so grateful...the (moms support) community you have created & everything you have done. It's helped me more than words can explain."
"Being a part of this support community has changed my outlook and given me hope...being with other moms makes all of the difference & this is such a supportive space.... thank you" 
"It's like you extracted these words from my started with the podcast for me but my growth would not be where it is without this support community. Thank you for the safe spaces you provide Melissa " 

Picking Up Our Pieces Together; The RETREAT

All-Inclusive Transformative Soul Healing Retreat sfor Grieving Mom's of Suicide Loss

The Retreat date BELOW is SOLD OUT -- NEXT RETREAT announcement to be made well before the end of JULY

-- anticipated dates Jan.15-20, 2025 --

and this one will have Co-Hosts as it will be a Special (once a year) Medium/Spirit Connection Retreat

 SOLD OUT  Join Us in tropical PUERTO RICO: July 17- 22, 2024--SOLD OUT! 


Healing, Connection & Transformation Await You in a Tropical Oasis - Coming Again Jan. 2025

"Child Loss by Suicide is Lonely, But You Do Not Have to Do It Alone"

CLICK HERE to go to July 2024 Retreat Page (next retreat page coming soon!!)

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Connecting You

New episodes every week

Life after suicide loss is nothing short of a wasteland, of the leftover pieces, of your shattered heart. Listen weekly, as I 
have conversations with other loss survivors, healers and experts in the suicide loss/grief space. And for variety, every other week I go 'solo', down a rabbit hole, to share my own thoughts & experiences.

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 All in one place for All suicide loss survivors

Resources to include ALL links from A Survival Guide  
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Support you need including links to organizations across the globe 
Connecting you to survivors experts, books, podcasts and more.

Real Thoughts from My Heart to Yours

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