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Things I Love 

Because they ease the effects of grief, bring comfort, or help in some way. 

Everything on this page is something I genuinely use (or have used) in my grief journey and believe in as a tool worth considering in yours. I have either used the exact item or one just like it.

Please know that as an Amazon Affiliate, I may earn a small fee from qualifying purchases of many, or all items listed below. If the product is not linked on Amazon, I still may be receiving an affiliate fee directly from the company.


Weighted Blanket

Melissa TOP PICK - frequent use! Hands down one of my favorite things!!  This is SUCH a comfort & rapidly helps with high anxiety - still use it regularly.

Large Room Diffuser

TOP PICK by Melissa - Used every day! I use this DAILY with doTerra Oils. Aromatherapy is a big part of my daily wellness routine. 

Wireless Headphones

TOP PICK - Used dailyby Melissa. As a side/stomach sleeper these have been awesome for listening to sleep meditations! Also great for walking, yoga, meditation, and more.

DoTerra Essential Oils

TOP PICK - Used Daily by Melissa. Some of the highest quality oils available - doTERRA products are Certified Pure Tested Grade®. Through our Co-Impact Sourcing® initiatives, purchases benefit families worldwide 

At doTERRA, we appreciate the power of people and pure intentions to heal the world. We designed our business to intentionally help people—financially*, emotionally, with education about healthy living, and through a sense of belonging to a community.

 Ganesha's Garden

Melissa TOP PICK! A Must Have!  I personally use the perfume & incense daily. This incense is made using reclaimed, sustainably harvested wood waste.

Every batch of perfume starts with a Non-GMO, certified organic coconut oil base. Blended with natural, organic beeswax, essential oils, fair trade MCT oil from coconut and safe lab produced ingredients that are completely phthalate, paraben, sulfate, and formaldehyde free. It is then poured into a recyclable glass container with a sustainably grown bamboo lid and packaged into a recyclable box.

Teak Shower Stool

TOP PICK by Melissa - Used daily! Because showers are more “you” than a bath but standing - especially in early grief - exhausts you! This was recommended by a fellow grieving mom who doesn’t do baths ANDNOW it replaces a tub for me as I have a giant spa shower now & no tub!

Light Therapy Mood Lifter Light

I highly recommend light therapy for mood lifting (especially seasonally). Helps elevate moods, especially in winter, at a desk, etc.


Grief Slumberkin

Perfect for kids or adults when a little comfort can go a long way! He comes with a matching story book on grief.

Best Book Light

Because grievers often read at night when we can’t sleep! And we have several, my husband loves this one too!

Bath Tray

If you are like me and a bath helps soothe or calm

Dr Teals Bath Soak

I still have this item on auto-ship as it’s an essential in my daily routine as I tend to take a relaxing bath most days to start or end the day.

Zen Tabletop Water Fountain

A Zen way to add serenity to your suroundings - I LOVE this item

Meditation Sound Healing Bowl

Sound is SO healing & this is a good one for centering, grounding & sleep. If I could only have one sound bowl -- this would be it!

Cool or Warm Eye Mask

For puffy eyes, migraines, anxiety, stress – and because it just feels great

Children's Suicide Loss Grief Book

Goodnight Mr. Vincent VanGogh by Linsey Doolittle

Tabletop Zen Garden

For serenity, mindfulness, relaxation, stress relief. Endless hours of soothing distraction.

Zen Garden Accessories

Must have accessories for the Zen Garden

Colored Pencil Roll

Art Therapy is always a great tool to add to your self care!

The Swear Word Get Your Anger Out Coloring Book

Because sometimes we need to feel all of this and not take it out on somebody!

Mindfulness Coloring Book

Sometimes we just need pretty pictures and motivation - and these are on high quality paper suitable for framing!

The Whimsical Architect Coloring book

...And a bit of whimsy can be fun too!

Tens Unit for Pain Relief

For various aches and pains (seek a doctors advice)


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