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Picking Up Our Pieces Together;

Transformative Soul Healing Retreat for Grieving Mom's in Puerto Rico: July 17- 22, 2024

~ Welcome to Casa Alternavida~    



For this retreat, it offers a fresh perspective to help in healing your trauma and rebuild from your soul after losing your child to suicide.

Growth, healing & transformation happen here.


Casa Alternavida is a boutique wellness retreat center offering a high-touchpoint, guided retreat experience for curious, growth-minded individuals and groups. This is an all-inclusive, healing retreat experience.

(Not intended  to replace or be mistaken for therapy or medical care).


Our approach is to get people out of their heads and into their body, a vast and commonly untapped intelligence that can bring deep insight and guidance. We work with nature as a metaphor during our daily adventures, supporting mindset shifts that give our guests opportunities to reconnect to their essential self while healing from within.


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Our All-Inclusive Retreat for Moms that have lost a child to suicide includes: Pre-arrival assessment, transportation to & from the airport a nature inspired room, three organic meals a day, 2 to 3 guided nature adventures, a healing fire ceremony, 3 beach trips, a 90-minute intuitive massage, morning movement class, refreshments & more...

Move Daily

The morning ritual is a rooftop, sunrise movement class while overlooking the national rainforest followed by a morning nature adventure and /or an afternoon beach walk/swim. Breather in the fresh air & soak up the sunshine - for your soul.

Breathe Deeply

Reminders are provided to assist with deep, intentional belly breathing as a nervous system reset practice. As a griever carrying deep trauma, learning this skill will serve you well beyond the retreat.

Eat Cleanly

Food is medicine for the soul. Our in-house chef, Ivonne Martinez, puts a lot of love and attention into creating culturally rich recipes inspired by her grandmother.  We pride ourselves in acquiring local, organic food & serving an anti-inflammatory diet. (Special dietary needs will be accommodated)

Sleep Soundly

The rooms are programmed energetically to support deep, quality sleep with the support of a nature inspired interior design theme, views to nature, and comfortable beds and pillows.

Hydrate Often

Infused waters, local fruit juices, mocktails, teas, and filtered rainwater are of the highest quality to support optimal hydration during your stay.


Connecting with other grieving moms is a 'game changer' in our life now. You will also learn to start trusting & reconnecting with yourself by being present in rich natural settings and being challenged in safe ways.

Welcome to What Healing in Paradise Looks Like

Retreat Rooms & Pricing

Experience complete bliss in the beautiful retreat rooms. Designed with the culture of Puerto Rico in mind, these vibrant and colorful rooms allow you to settle in comfortably and feel right at home.
Every room at Casa Alternavida has a nature spirit associated with it and thanks to a local artist, they also have a custom mural in each to bring the spirit alive. 

You will need to put an initial deposit down of $600 (non-refundable) to hold your spot. You can pay in full or divide the remainder into monthly installments. Billing is sent by email from Melissa & made via PayPal.

See additional photos & images on Casa Alternavida's website - I saw them all in person & the photos do not do them justice! Each room is beyond serene & every detail thought of.

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Creative Coqui -

$3450 [both spots BOOKED]

SHARED ROOM (price is per person)

Tap into your imagination in our Creative Coqui room. This is the perfect space to share with your retreat travel friend. It's located on the 2nd floor and has antique beds (twin size) and two desks. The bathroom includes a toilet, shower, and vanity with a second sink vanity outside of the bathroom for the other person.

Hummingbird - $3350 [BOOKED]

Single Room

This tranquil space is right off the kitchen on the 3rd floor. With an entrance to the 3rd floor balcony, stars will be ready to be gazed upon in the shadow of the Mother Mango Tree. Includes an attached semi-private bathroom (as it doubles as the facilty for this floor)

Blissful Butterfly - $3800 [BOOKED] 

Deluxe Single Room (Can be shared by choice & a deluxe twin bed will be added.  Price is per person)

Experience complete joy in our Blissful Butterfly room ( guest favorite). You'll get to experience your own private outdoor shower and enclosed bathroom surrounded with plants on the private terrace with a comfortable bench. This sunny and vibrant 2nd floor room has a queen size bed, desk and vintage armoire.

Humble Bee - $3650 [BOOKED]

Deluxe Single Room

Recharge in our cozy Humble Bee Room. This 2nd floor room includes a vintage four-poster full size bed, a desk overlooking the tropical forest and a magical private outdoor shower next to the mother mango tree. This room is a favorite with moms. 

Hermit Crab - $3450 [both spots BOOKED]

Potential Shared Room (price per person)

Embrace solitude in our Hermit Crab Room. This bottom floor room includes a queen-sized bed with antique-bed frame and desk alongside a large window overlooking the terrace. The outdoor sitting area is perfect for reflecting or reading while enjoying a warm breeze and the sounds of nature. It is also equipped for anyone needing mobility support. (If shared, deluxe twin bed will be added)

Sleepy Serpent - $3450 [BOOKED]

Single Room

Find your way to deep transformation in our Sleepy Serpent room. This spacious 1st floor room has its own private bathroom, a full-sized bed and desk. The wall of windows opens up to our lower patio and lush landscape, making a great viewing spot for fireflies at night.  (If shared, deluxe twin bed will be added)

Lucky Dragonfly - $3350 [BOOKED]

Single Room

Embrace nature's abundance in our Lucky Dragonfly room. This 2nd floor room has a bedside hammock, desk, and a queen size bed. Two large windows open up to lush green trees so you'll feel like you are right in the rainforest. You'll find your bathroom right outside the room. The bathroom has vintage Puerto Rican tiles and includes a sink with a walk-in shower.

Mindful Moth - $3350 [BOOKED]

Single Room

Connect with stillness of our Mindful Moth room. This is a 2nd floor space has two large windows that open up to lush green mango tree. You'll feel like you are right in the rainforest. You have a bathroom just down the stairs outside your door on the lower level. The bathroom includes colorful ceramic tile, a sink and a walk-in shower.

Meet Your Hosts

Hello, I am Melissa and I lost my 21-year-old son Alex to suicide on August 7, 2016. My whole life shattered in that moment. For several years I was lost in a fog - broken and unsure of how to rebuild any sort of a life from the devastation.
A few years ago, after looking back at how hard my own journey had been the first four years, and not wanting others to struggle as I had to simply find resources and community, I knew I had to DO something. It became my passion to create a community of comfort, connection, and healing - specifically for grievers who have lost someone to suicide. In 2020 I created my podcast, "The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations" was created directly from that motivation.
In starting the podcast, I became a persistent, consistent champion in having meaningful conversations around suicide, mental health, trauma and grief. Now, I still produce this weekly "say-it-outloud" style podcast, but it has grown into more.
You see, I discovered three common needs in all of the moms I spoke with... the need for resources (at the time of loss & beyond), the need for connection to other moms who "get it", and the need to ensure that their child is remembered. Now I also facilitate an entire online support community, provide resources and have even designed a Legacy project to highlight and honor our child's life. I am an author, a certified Master Grief Companion, and a trauma-informed healer.
My heart's mission now all-in on creating a community of support and healing for suicide loss survivors - specifically for grieving moms like me.  I help them step toward hope and into healing - to find meaning, and even happiness amid the leftover pieces before them. 


Dedicated to the luxury of simplicity the Casa Alternavida team was brought together by a common vision to create a space for holistic transformation. They are diverse individuals who enjoy learning and growing together with their guests.
‚ÄčOur team is (in order in picture from left to right)¬†Ramon (nature guide), Priscila (yoga, massage, ceremonies), Cinthia & Lorraine (house beautification), Glenda Ponce (Operations Manager), Karla (massage & nature guide) Yancy Wright (Facilitator/Owner)¬†
Yancy, the founder, is a master facilitator, somatic healer and has a wealth of knowledge around retreat planning, nature guiding, and conscious communication. He is also a seasoned nature adventure guide with an abundance of knowledge and passion for their local flora and fauna.


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Healing, Connection & Transformation Await You July 17-22, 024

"Child Loss by Suicide is Lonely, But You Do Not Have to Do It Alone"

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