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"Moms On a Mission" Mastermind 2023

You have survived. You allowed hope in and then, stepping in bravely, you began healing. You want to do more, so what now you ask? 

Are you at a place in your healing journey that you are interested in taking hold of your life, of your own personal growth, after the suicide loss of your child?
Do you think of writing a book, starting a podcast, maybe even organizing events to bring awareness...or perhaps  you have another idea of how you can make a difference (or tell your story) but don't know where to start?
Or, maybe you have started and are stuck - lacking the support, ideas and accountability to move the needle forward?  You may be ready for this next step and I can help!


-------------   Do I have your attention?  ------------

Ever hear of a Mastermind? 
My "Moms On a Mission" Mastermind will be a little different than those 'big business' models because moms who are choosing to live in the light of their child's life, not the shadow of their death,  ARE different.  But why a Mastermind? Does it work? It DOES! 
I know it works because I have been in this type of Mastermind for a long time and it has been (and still is) nothing short of  transformative!
You may need to get clear, re-focus or even start over. It's all OK! 
Do you believe you are ready to dig deeper for real personal growth, while standing confidently alongside your grief, refining your clarity and purpose in your life after suicide loss of a child? 


---------  Yes! But, now what you ask????  ---------


If I still have your attention, then you need to be on my list and that starts with a 60-minute discovery call to discuss it.
These peer-to-peer small groups are hand-picked and specially curated by Melissa to create a great experience to help achieve maximum benefit for you. Each session is only 12 weeks (2 hours a week) and while you may wish to continue, it will never lock you in for a whole year like traditional Masterminds do. I just do everything a little different - (sorry, not sorry! ) First group will start in 2023. 
Let's discover if this might be YOUR next step in cultivating the power in your future.

Coming in 2023!

SLOTS ARE LIMITED, there will only be a max of 6 seats per group, so get on the list now if you even think you might be interested! 

Be sure to be on my mailing list for updates on the first Mastermind and any new growth options that I will be offering starting in 2023.