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Centering You; Courses & Downloads to Help

Looking to feel some grief relief, simply need some peace, or are you ready to begin (or deepen) your trauma healing? 

Whether you're seeking to initiate your trauma healing journey, gain insights on crystal usage, or discover the perfect meditation for tranquility, you've come to the right place. Our comprehensive resources, including guided meditations, crystal usage guides, and trauma healing techniques, offer immediate benefits and much more at your fingertips!

Get started working on learning to heal your trauma and live alongside your grief TODAY! I am doing it, and you can too!

Courses / Education


6 Session "Growth in Grief; Understanding & Healing Trauma in our Mind, Body & Spirit" Series

Healing starts with knowledge, and this is PACKED with knowledge. It also includes multiple bonus items. Watch the video for more information today!

Unravel the distinct paths of Grief and Trauma. Discover why understanding these differences is crucial for progressing in your healing journey.

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A remarkable Value at only $77 

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Free Meditations for You

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Full Chakra Balance Meditation

Learn About Crystals for Energetic Healing, Meditation Work & More...

The following guides were explicitly created for grieving hearts. They can be purchased & downloaded individually or as a 3-pack bundle (deep savings equal to getting the first one FREE!) 

See Specific Descriptions & Contents by Clicking Below on Each Guide

These guides include the names, images, and properties of crystals used for collecting, meditation, and healing by many people worldwide. There are 48+ stones between the three guides—a treasure trove of healing information for your grieving heart. The data was gathered from various resources and from my experience as a crystal practitioner trained in trans-personal (trauma) crystal/energy healing.

Please be mindful of all disclaimers (listed in guides themselves). FREE "SAMPLE" guide offered below.

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I have curated & created these tools to help you along the grief journey. Please know that while these tools are therapeutic in nature, they are not intended to replace medical care. Always consider involving your medical professional in the care choices you make for wellness. I (Melissa) am in no way responsible for individual outcomes or success.