“You've been shattered, and now you're wondering how to pick up the pieces. Come along with me to uncover your own powerful healing tools, and find new meaning, even happiness, after child loss by suicide. Together we can take those leftover pieces...and rebuild you.”

 putting the pieces back together

Download a version of the guide FREE, “Facing Life After Suicide Loss”. May it serve as a a life-raft in the storm - a survival tool - created just parents and families, in the days, weeks and months after suicide loss. 

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While Melissa is a Master Certified Grief Coach, don't expect to find traditional coaching here.

DO expect guidance, comfort, connection, and support
Below are the principles that will get you from Survival to Hope and then from there, forward into Healing.  
  • Guidance - Coming together with survivors and trained experts can help weather the storms to survive, but also guide, that we may walk down a path toward hope, and eventually on into healing.
  • Comfort - Find a community of other suicide loss grievers you can lean on who understand
  • Connection - Experiences, opinions and shared stories connect us all.
  • Support - Tapping into resources broadens the scope of our abilities and expands our possibilities.

After suicide loss, picking up the pieces and rebuilding is both brave and scary. 

"I want to grow forward...to live in the sunshine of my child’s life, not the shadow of their death."
You will not be alone. You are so worth doing the work. Feel assured of the following...
  • You will carry the memory of your child with you as you rebuild your life. We don't leave them behind; instead, we learn to live alongside this grief and honor their legacy.
  • You can create power from the pain by making intentional choices to rebuild from the life you now have (one you never asked for).
  • You will learn to find both clarity and purpose by navigating through the duality of both the silent, enveloping 'fog' and that noisy 'swarm' of confusion grievers find themselves living in.
Guiding You
The right tools, at the right time


Healing You; "Picking up the Pieces" Support Groups for all 'levels' of grief
Discovering You; Personal Growth Courses & Activities
Centering You; Healing for Whole Mind-Body Health


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 Comforting You

Spaces to connect with other grievers

Clubhouse Rooms - for meaningful conversation
Instagram - for info, updates & more
Private Spaces - Community for Parent Support 
Shop - (preserve memories and find comfort)
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Connecting You

New episodes weekly

Life after suicide loss is nothing short of a wasteland, of the leftover pieces, of your shattered heart. Listen weekly, as I have meaningful conversations with other loss survivors, healers and experts in the suicide loss/grief space. 


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Supporting You

 All in one place

Free Resources to include ALL links from A Survival Guide  
Support you need including links to organizations across the globe 
Get Connected to survivor experts, books, podcasts and more.


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