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Acceptance & Change after Suicide Loss; "You used to be ..."

Season #2 Episode #2

"You used to be …much more muchier"
Whether we are saying it to ourselves in the mirror or hearing it from others (either literally or in those 'loud glances' we get from someone), I am certain you too have heard this "You used to be …" and can finish the sentence many ways! ME TOO!

Today I head "down that rabbit hole (again)" to share my thoughts on acceptance and change after suicide loss. What do I mean? Well, I mean accepting our loss and then the personal changes that (whether we resist them or not) must take place to go forward - and everything in between.

I share my thoughts on how MY own (almost ) 5 year journey has looked with regards to these two things. Plus where I am now, how I got here and what I see ahead -- can I see ahead now??

For Fun …. If you haven't seen it, Here is how you can watch Alice in Wonderland (the Depp movie version) 

For Serious …. a Healthline article that has good basic bones to it  "Grief Without Denial: 6 Healthy Ways to Accept Death"
I also really like this article from Full about Journaling It has some great journal prompts to get you writing!!

AND ALWAYS … THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It means the WORLD to me because after all,  we are in this together!

As with everything you hear on my podcasts, please take that which serves you & leave the rest. I hope you will find something of value & I am so sorry that you need to be here, but so honored you are here.

Please reach out to me if you know of someone that I should talk to or if you yourself would like to have a conversation around the suicide loss and grief space. Instagram is probably still the best way to contact me or directly through email. I am already scheduling people into this Spring so it's not too soon to reach out!

Let's have a conversation  Let's keep talking   Let's be there for each other.  Let's make a change.

If you or someone you know is struggling  with suicidal thoughts PLEASE reach out & talk to someone... RESOURCES BELOW:

The National Suicide Lifeline is there for you

IN a crisis you can also TEXT--->
TEXT the word "HOME" to 741741 in the USA
in Canada TEXT 686868
in the UK TEXT 85258

And Grievers, I am always here. You can find me on Instagram at The Leftover Pieces