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The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations

Hosted by: Melissa Bottorff-Arey

Life after suicide loss is nothing short of a wasteland of the leftover pieces of your shattered heart, of your former self. Join host Melissa, a mother who lost her 21-year old son Alex to suicide in 2016, as she has...


BONUS EPISODE; Guided Sleep Meditation

Season #1 Episode #25

Today Chellor of "Chellor's House of Rocks" will guide you into a place in your mind to help you ease into sleep or rest.  For me, sleep has eluded me SO much since losing Alex to suicide so I am always looking for...
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Creating "Esther & Astor" ; A Sister's Love Lives On

Season #1 Episode #26

This conversation is with an amazingly bright light of a human being.  Cara Perkins lost older sister Leah (Cox) unexpectedly in 2018 to suicide. In Cara's own words:"I work day to day as an interior designer in the...
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Chellor's House of Rocks; Finding a Healing Community

Season #1 Episode #28

Today I have an AWESOME conversation with Chellor. This was such a fun conversation for me as this lovely lady, & her community, have become a necessary part of my wellness 'toolkit' ...of my heart & life. I...
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Season 1 ReCap; What Should I Listen to Next?

Season #1 Episode #29

Today I go "down the rabbit hole" and give you a recap of the conversations that I had this season. And remember that there are just as many short, solo 'down the rabbit hole' episodes as well, but I will not be...
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"Are They Really Gone?; Alchemy of Science and Spirit"

Season #1 Episode #30

Today I am sharing my conversation with Lenore Matthew PhD, MSW.  She is a researcher/practitioner from the field of social work, as well as a young widow and a survivor of suicide loss of her husband. Prior to her...
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BONUS! What is Clubhouse; Is it a 'Safe Space' for Grievers?

Season #1 Episode #31

Today I take a 'mini-dive' into the new(ish) & super relevant social media app "Clubhouse" that is creating a lot of buzz out there in the social media world. Today I just give you some "basics" because IF you are...
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BONUS 2 "The Fog is Real; THIS is your Brain on Trauma"

Season #1 Episode #32

Today I go 'down the rabbit hole" in this BONUS episode between seasons. I talk talk about grief trauma from loss by suicide & how it affects our brain - suicide loss causes brain trauma. Say that again, Suicide...
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