Rejoining the Land of the Living; Mary's Brave Life

Season #1 Episode #16

In this episode, I have a serious conversation with a warm, funny & insightful lady! Mary has experienced a lot of loss - both of her parents to suicide, her first child dies at 3 months old & her brother-in-law also ended his life... just to name some of her life traumas.  Spread over a lifetime, by her forties it had all taken a serious toll on her & she found herself living inside depression & devastation. She was just "existing". Then one day, she looked outside ... and made a choice to rejoin the land of the living.

"Mary Barras is a dynamic motivational speaker who shares her message of triumph after tragedy. She has endured both her parents’ suicides and she is spreading her message that 'Devastation is Optional'. She also shares her tools to get out of deep depression. 

Mary lives in Austin, TX with her 15 year old son, Jonas & their dogs, Mugsy & Sparky." 


 Mary's Website - where you can read about her & even book her for a speaking engagement

Mary's Instagram - FOLLOW HER for uplifting quotes & tidbits PLUS she pops on LIVE regularly to just chat!!! :) Mary loves to spread & encourage KINDNESS!! How can anyone argue with that? 

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If you or someone you know is struggling  with suicidal thoughts PLEASE reach out & talk to someone
The National Suicide Lifeline is there for you

IN a crisis you can also TEXT--->
TEXT the word "HOME" to 741741 in the USA
in Canada TEXT 686868
in the UK TEXT 85258

And Grievers, I am always here. You can find me on Instagram at The Leftover Pieces