Rebuild; Coaching You

As a Certified Master Grief Coach, I now share my experience, knowledge and expertise to companion others parents in their healing after child loss by suicide. I became a Coach because working with one myself put me on the most effective healing path I have experienced after the loss of my son by suicide. I believe very deeply in the power of guided healing. 
So, what exactly is coaching you ask? Let me tell you.

Healing You

"Picking up the Pieces" Healing Group

Centering You

Healing for Whole Mind-Body Health

Discovering You

1:1 Personal Growth Coaching

The simplest way I know  to explain the difference is that with traditional therapy, often it’s about looking back, feeling all the emotions, and then trying to analyze, or cope with, those feelings. Coaching differs by taking a forward moving approach, where you look at growing from your pain, moving toward the future - actually taking steps to pick up the pieces and rebuild a meaningful life.

Now, this isn't to say that in coaching there is a disconnect from the pain of your loss, because parents do not get over the loss of a child - ever. Instead, in coaching, we will seek the right healing tools specifically for you so that you can learn to live successfully alongside your unique grief. Coaching takes more of a whole mind-body approach, and often we even explore more holistic options to get you to a place with joy, a place of wellness - a place of balance.
If uncovering powerful healing tools, being a part of a compassionate community that ‘gets it’, and looking forward to a place where you can rebuild a good life sounds like what you are looking for, we should connect. I offer you a one-hour Zoom call to discuss it further. Click below and pick a time that best suits your schedule. It’s time to dig deep, let’s talk about your journey, your options and how I can best be of service in rebuilding you!
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