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Let’s Really Talk … About Suicide

This booklet is a resource of the “Facing Life After Suicide Loss” series. It is intended to be a perfect companion to the Survival Guide yet also a stand-alone resource for loved ones & support system – immediately after loss. This is written to be a complimentary resource primarily for memorial services but also has a place at awareness events and the like. Only through knowledge and action can we fully begin to reduce the stigmas around mental health, suicide, and even grief. This is a community issue, not just a family one. Let me encourage you to include your own community by providing this resource.

Inside, you will find real examples and truly actionable tips directly from a suicide loss survivor, a fellow griever. This time after loss is tragic, confusing, and unbelievably complicated for everyone. As a friend, family, or community member, you may not know where to start with your own grief, how to best support the family, or how to make a difference in your part of the world. This booklet can help.

Life after suicide loss shatters us, but with the right resources, connections, and support, we can absolutely pick up the pieces and live again. “The Leftover Pieces;” exists to partner with parents and loved ones after their loss. We are here to accompany loss survivors as they step toward hope and, from there, into healing. This journey is lonely, but we do not have to be alone. May this guide be a first step.

With Peace & Love,

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