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After child loss by suicide, you need to find community, support & resources to survive, but also so that you can begin to rebuild. It sure is not easy, but with help, you can do it. Let's pick up the pieces together.


I firmly believe that being connected to other grievers is a need, even an essential, piece of our healing journey. I would love for us to connect. You can find me weekly on Clubhouse, in my  support group (see section below) and on my podcast - you are always welcome in "The Leftover Pieces Community"



I host a FREE, twice a month, 75-minute support group for parents who have lost a child to suicide. You can join anytime, but Zoom registration is required to keep it a private, safe space, to meet and share with other parents missing their children. I will send you an email with a link. We meet for 75 minutes the first and third Mondays at 8pm EST (USA time) beginning Monday, October 4, 2021.

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Please take a look at "The Leftover Pieces; Suicide Loss Conversations" Podcast for additional support.

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Resources - for ALL suicide loss survivors

Take a look here if you are needing other spaces and places for all things suicide loss and grief - for ALL losses by suicide. I have complied outside resources that I think might be helpful including websites, books, apps and podcasts and  put them here in one spot to make them super accessible. If you know of one that I have not included, and should consider, please email or message me on Instagram anytime. 


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Free eBooks

I wrote this guide to give you tips and resources for the early days after loss, places to reach out for help and even give you ways to care for yourself so that you can start processing your feelings and quite frankly, just survive right now.


This guide is meant to be of assistance but mostly it is my intention to provide you with a small light in the fog; a beacon of hope in the dark. 


Get my free guide, “Facing Life After Suicide Loss,and find the resources and comfort you need.

Parts 2 & 3 Coming by end of 2021!

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The shop exists as a place to help preserve precious memories and to bring you some comfort. I have thoughtfully designed items for this purpose under 'The Leftover Pieces' brand. I also feature artisans that I can personally stand behind - both the work they do, and why they do it. Please reach out if you know of an artisan I should consider adding. 

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